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  • Use of silicone sealant in the process of use

    When the silicone sealant is used, the pipe is cut open, and the nozzle tube is installed, then the glue gun can be used to paint it from the bottle.

  • Precautions should be taken when using epoxy adhesive.

    Mixing: epoxy resin adhesive must to stir and mix well before use, if not to stir, or filler pigments in store without delamination, will lead to failure of the solidified potting glue.

  • The use method and the precautions

    Before use, the surface should be treated properly, such as oil removal, rust removal, moisture removal and surface dust removal. Remove oil, decontaminate can be used 120 gasoline, acetic acid ethyl ester or other quick drying solvent is scrubbed clean and dry, grind commonly use 0 or 1 sandpaper gently grinding.

  • Methods and precautions for use of white latex.

    1. When bonding operation, the use temperature shall not be less than 7 degrees centigrade; Not withstanding the high temperature, over 95 degrees Celsius, will cause the adhesive strength to decrease.

    2. According to the different USES, white latex can be diluted, but it needs to heat up to more than 30 degrees Celsius, and slowly add above 30 degrees Celsius water stir well before use, do not use cold water dilution below 10 degrees Celsius.